Sunday, March 22, 2009

Of Google Docs and Web 2.0 awards

My first experience with Google Docs was utilizing it for the first joint assignment for this course. It worked beautifully for us, easily enabling sharing and editing a document. It worked so well that I suggested my friends and I use it for a joint paper for another course, where it also worked well. It does take a little getting used to, but I really felt that it was very effective and easy to use. With time constraints being what they are in most people's lives, using Google Docs sure proved to be an efficient way to "meet" and share thoughts and ideas!

I really enjoyed exploring the Web 2.0 Awards site. MANY of these sites will be tagged on my delicious account! I played with a variety of sites, including, which I learned does accept P.O.s for orders from schools and libraries. Prices where quite good in comparison to Amazon, but these are all used books, so it's tough to compare witout actually seeing the book's condition. I was also intrigued by Vufind, a relativley new OPAC system, which looks quite promising, especially since it's free. It appears to be pretty new and will undoubtedly have some kinks to work out but in a year or so, this may be a viable option to the system currently in use in my libraries. This is definitely a site worth watching. I then played with Craig'sList, checked out my Facebook account, and just played around with some of the sites. The education sites were disappointing as they were language-oriented. I'd expected more teacher-focused sites, as opposed to learner-focused sites (aren't all sites learner focused?). So many sites, so little time....

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