Monday, April 6, 2009

23 Things, Wrapped up!

I am so glad that I finally made it through Learning 2.0 as it's been one of my goals for the past 2 years! I'd come across it a couple of years ago and knew that I needed to work my way through the program. I'd planned to do so last summer, but life got in the way and I kept procrastinating and never got to it. So, it's good that I HAD to see it through this time.

I've learned alot. Many of the concepts were things I was peripherally aware of, but had never used myself. Some of the topics seem a bit dated at this point, and some seemed to be things that I would probably never use, but it's definitely good to know about them and be familiar with how they are used.

I'm glad that PLCMC endorsed Helen Blowers in creating and sustaining this program. I know I have greatly benefitted from it and have recommended it to other librarians who need to learn or brush up their technology skills. The material is well planned and very user-friendly however, it could stand to be updated to keep it current.

My only criticism would be that there were some dead links which is always frustrating.

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